A walk along the Dorset Coast

If you are thinking of visiting Dorset, a walk along, or near the coast is a must. It doesn’t have to be a serious or strenuous affair but the views are outstanding. You can see some of the sites here in our photo album

With the majority of it now being a World Heritage Site (71 miles, 114 kilometres), named the ‘The Jurassic Coast’, along with 25 miles of the Devon coastline, there is a great deal to visit and investigate.

Also, the sailing events for the Olympic Games in 2012 will be held off Weymouth and Portland.

There are many short steep ascents and descents along the coast which can be incorporated into the walks. There are, however, many walks you can do around the coast without having to take on the steeper slopes. If you allow plenty of time and enjoy the coastal views, the hills are really not too bad at all and there are plenty of opportunities to recover. These opportunities range from seats, where you can sit and admire the coastline, to quaint Dorset tea rooms, pubs and restaurants.

Of course, you must always take account of the weather and its ability to change suddenly. Good footwear, a map and water, together with some rain protection is always advised and many of the walks on the site are circular so a return to the car should never be too far away.

If you do encounter any trouble, the mobile phone reception is generally good along the coast and if you do need to dial 999, ask for the Coastguard. If you do carry a GPS, you will be able to give your position by Grid Reference (ensure the GPS is set to the map type you are using).

Should you have any questions, want to request a specific walk or want to arrange a guided coastal (or even inland) walk, please contact us via the ‘e-mail us’ link on the site.