Corfe Castle East Circular Route Number 1




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Corfe Castle

5 miles


No -

A 5 mile walk which takes over Corfe Common and includes the Swanage Steam railway line for the second half of the walk. No ascents or descents of any significance.

Corfe Castle, East Circular Route Number 1

How to get there: - Grid Reference 958818; Coming from Wareham, turn right
in the middle of Corfe Castle, opposite the Bankes Arms Hotel. Follow West
Street for about 1/3 mile, turn right where indicated and park in the Pay and
Display Car Park.

Information: Toilets are available at the entrance to the car park.

Walk details:-

Exit the car park at the opposite end to where you entered. Turn right and continue to the end where you will enter Corfe Common. Turn immediately left and follow the path to the road (1/2 mile).

Cross the road carefully (road summit directly to your right). Follow the path for about 200 metres. and take the right fork which will lead you at an angle of 45 degrees across towards the bottom of the common and bring you to a wooden bridge and then a stile (¼ mile).

 Cross the stile and follow up the path, walk about 50 metres past the farm entrance, turn left over the stile into the little dell and turn right after the next stile (20 metres).

Follow the hedge across two field to another stile which then meets a track (1/3 mile). Turn left along the track for 50 metres, right over the stile, across the triangle of grass and follow the track up to the road ( ½ mile).

At the road, turn left for about 200 metres, then left again and back into another field.

Continue through the fields, past Woodyhyde farm, cross the Swanage Road (¾ mile), then onto Little Woolgarston (½ mile) where you will meet another farm and houses.

After the houses, you will see a sign to your left for Corfe Castle. Follow the path through the first gate (¼ mile), continue to follow the hedge on your right until you meet a gate-sized gap in the hedge.

Turn right here and walk to the bottom right hand corner where you will go under the railway line and turn right (½  mile).

Follow the path which will lead you over a stream, behind a school and into the main street in Corfe Castle by the Castle Inn. Cross the road, turn right and there will be a path on your left between the houses which will lead you back to West Street.

Turn left and head back to the car park.