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A pleasant 3-mile downland walk situated between the coastal path and the inner ridgeway. This walk is an up-and-back walk with a loop at the top. Some open fields and some shaded areas. Ideal for a casual walk with a picnic. No significant ascents or descents on this walk.

The detailed walk is below and also here in PDF format if you wish to print:-

Kimmeridge Quarry, Northern Walk
How to get there: - Grid Reference; 918801. Turn right for Kimmeridge/Creech off
the Wareham Bypass. Follow the road for about 4 miles, up onto the ridge and
descend the other side. Turn right for Kimmeridge and after about a mile, just after a
right hand bend, park in the quarry car park on the left.
There is a village shop with toilets in Kimmeridge about 1/2 mile further down the
road, and about ¼ from the end of the walk.
Walk details:-
As you leave the car park, turn right and follow the bend around to the left and after
about 100 metres, cross the stile on the right-hand side of the road. Go straight ahead,
down to the wooden railings and follow the Footpath sign (100 yards).
At the gate, bear about 45 degrees left to a stile in the hedge (200 metres).
Follow the path through the woods, over the wooden bridge and out into the field. As
you enter the field, aim about 20 degrees right and walk to the stile about halfway
along the right-hand hedge (1/4 mile).
After going over the 2 stiles in this hedgerow, bear 20 degrees left to a stile in the far
hedge (200 metres). At the gateway, face the telegraph pole in the middle of the field
and bear 30 degree left and head for the telegraph pole near the corner of the field
(300 metres). Just to the left of the telegraph pole is a stile in the hedge. Cross this, go
straight ahead, up some gravel steps and follow the path up to the gate at the road
(200 metres).
Turn left, and after about 30 metres, take the right-hand track, signposted ‘Ridgeway
¾ mile’. Follow this for about 300 metres until you reach the pathway. Turn left,
proceed to the sharp right-hand bend but cross the stile in the left-hand corner (150
metres). This will take you back down to the road (400 metres).
Turn left, follow the road back to the gate you exited from when coming onto the road
(600 metres). Turn right and retrace your steps back to the quarry.
Andy Pedrick
Jurassic Jaunts
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