Kimmeridge Quarry, West Circular Route




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Easy / Medium

Yes - Firing Ranges

A 4-mile walk with panoramic views of Kimmeridge Bay. An initial flat ridge walk then dropping down to Kimmeridge Bay.

It has one 100m steep ascent at the end of the walk.

Here is the fully detailed walk

Kimmeridge Quarry, West Circular Route
How to get there: - Grid Reference; 918801. Turn right for Kimmeridge/Creech off
the Wareham Bypass. Follow the road for about 4 miles, up onto the ridge and
descend the other side. Turn right for Kimmeridge and after about a mile, just after a
right hand bend, park in the quarry car park on the left.
There is a village shop with toilets in Kimmeridge about ½ mile further down the
road, and about ¼ from the end of the walk.
Walk details:-
As you leave the car park, turn right for 30 yards before crossing the road to the stile
on the inside of the bend. Go over the 2nd stile which takes you out along the ridge.
Follow the ridge for about 1 mile, pass through the metal gate which is the boundary
to the MOD ranges and bear left down the track, then around the field, down to the
metal gate at the cliff top.
Turn left through the gate, past the famous ‘Nodding Donkey’ oil-extraction site and
follow it towards the Kimmeridge bay and car park. After about 100 yards on the
tarmac road, just opposite the cottages, there will be the path on the left which you
will return to the start but if you wish, carry on to the bay and grassy car park which
has several items of interest including the famous Kimmeridge Ledges and Clavells
Tower on the cliff ahead.
To return, take the path off the tarmac road, follow the path along the edge of 2 fields.
At the 3rd gate/field entrance, bear right to a 2 stiles in the right-hand hedge (1/4 mile).
Go over the right-hand stile then bear left along the hedge to the gate at the edge of
the village. Go through the gate,turn left onto the main road in the village.
Just after Clavell's café and shop (on the right), there is a sharp right-hand bend in
the road. Go straight ahead, up the side of the Church and up to the stile on
the bend, 50 yards from the quarry car park. Turn right and return to the car park.

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